California Legal Guns

Buy California legal guns online at Impact Guns. These guns are legal in the state of California, based upon information that we have. 

It is CRITICAL that you check with your local dealer first to verify and validate this information as laws change and this is not a legal guide nor is it legal advice.  

You can also check the California DOJ Roster of Handguns Certified for sale in California below to see if a particular handgun is legal in the state. 

Click here to view the CA DOJ Roster of Handguns Certified for sale

SPECIAL NOTE:  California has received a stay on the motion to strike down the 2000 high-capacity magazine ban, as of Friday, April 5 at 5:00pm Pacific.  If you ordered a high-cap magazine before this cutoff, you should receive your order.  We cannot accept high-capacity magazine orders to California after this cutoff time.